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HR Payroll Software as a Services

Payroll Insights is the best hr payroll management software as a service (saas) in India. It is highly efficient online hr payroll solution for large, medium and small enterprises to address the entire gamut of modern and complex payroll needs. It combines control and accuracy with flexibility to support unique aspects of your organization’s specific requirements.

Organizations streamline payroll operations and manage entire payroll process on secure cloud through payroll insights software as a service (saas). Payroll management services leave behind tedious process of applying tax updates, calculating exception earnings or retrieve balances for fiscal year or other unique time periods. Through intuitive self-service and configuration capabilities, online payroll software service offers flexibility and efficiency needed to ensure day-to-day and period-to-period payroll activities run smoothly and consistently. Besides, our payroll saas software offers time-saving self-service to employees, including online pay slips, year-end tax statements (India), and payment elections.

Payroll Insights software as a service offers best online payroll management service to set up and manage earnings, deductions, periods, populations, accumulations, and balances to support unique business requirements and enables to define flexible rules and processing criteria for pay groups and pay runs. It has 100+ standard payroll reports including pay reports, tax reports, and statutory reports along with specific reports for top management.


  • 100+ reports
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Organization specific configuration
  • Statutory compliant
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Access to payroll specialists’ pool

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